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orlando kidd + gaymer =I help run a video game bar called Player 1. I've got a fantastic boy, who is also my friend, and deep soul sister. I work at for Disney, Universal, and Dreamworks. Beer snob, and I love wearing nail polish and currently watching every episode of 2 Broke Girls. Which is basically me and my boyfrans life. Oh we own a T-shirt business too, and we make bowties. Well sort of.
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And yet I’m the asshole. #grindr #grindrproblems 3rd times the charm. #seriously #gayboy #latenight #ratchet #igers #iphonesia #tumblr
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And yet I’m the asshole. #grindr #grindrproblems 3rd times the charm. #seriously #gayboy #latenight #ratchet #igers #iphonesia #tumblr

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